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Installing a Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposer requires an electrical source for power. If you don't have one under the sink, you will need to install one. Check with local codes before installation.

If you have a septic system, install a disposer specifically designed for use with a septic tank. Too much food waste can interfere with the normal decomposition of septic waste.

Skill Level


Time Required

1-2 hours

Tools Needed

Screwdriver or disposer wrench, Hacksaw or tubing cutter, Water-pump pliers

Materials Needed

Garbage disposer, Electrical cord, Plumber's putty or silicone caulk

Project Steps

Step 1. Wire the Disposer
The disposer may come with the appliance cord attached. If not, you will have to connect one. Remove the cover plate beneath the disposer. Most cords and disposers have the same colored wires. Connect white to white, black to black, and the green wire to the disposer's ground screw. If the colors are different, read the manufacturer's instructions for wiring.

Step 2. Apply Plumber's Putty
Press a rope of plumber's putty onto the underside of the drain flange. Insert the flange into the drain hole and press down evenly. Install the backup ring, fiber gasket and mounting ring from beneath the sink.

Step 3. Install the Mounting Ring
Tighten the mounting screws for the upper mounting ring. Alternate the tightening of the screws to pull the ring up evenly against the sink.

Step 4. Mount the Disposer
Place the disposer into the mounting ring. Make sure the outlet of the disposer is facing the drain pipe connection. Turn the lower ring clockwise until the disposer is supported by the mounting assembly.

Step 5. Connect the Outlet to the P-Trap
Use a hacksaw or tubing cutters to measure the discharge pipe and cut it to length. Install the discharge pipe to the outlet of the disposer. Attach to the drain line with slip nuts.

Important Note:

The Installation Guides are written to provide a general overview for your reference. We recommend our customers completely read and follow the manufacturer's installation instructions for the specific product to be installed. To make this process easy we have provided a link to the manufacturers' installation instructions in each of our detailed product listings.

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